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Chapter 1 : Right hand technique
These exercices are intended to get the fingers used to playing with different string diameters and the spaces between them. Workbook level 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 : Left hand technique
These exercises are designed to develop the stretching, strength and independence of each finger of the left hand on the 6 strings. Workbook level 1 Chapter 2
Chapter 3 : Sight reading
Learning to read in musical notation is one of the less popular subjetcts. The concentration needed to read a text, reduces the percentage of listening and produces’ a ” anti musical ” sensation. It’s preferable to approach this type of learnind in small doses. In the long run, controlling sight reading become’s a key to musical discovery and sharing. Workbook level 1 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 : Scales-Broken chords-chord progression
Learning the scales is intended to : enhance the mental imagery of the notes on the fretboard, improve performance and learn the shifts in tone systems. The proposed scales are:

  • C Major (1 octave) – G Major (2 octaves) – F Major (2 octaves).
  • A minor (2 octaves) – E minor (2 octaves) – D minor (1 octave).

Minor scales are played in harmonic mode. All scales are followed by the broken chord and chord progression I – V- I (3 sounds). Workbook level 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 5 : Repertoire
The repertoire in this workbook was created to enhance diversity in style and pieces with technical considerations linked into the learning material offered in the chapters: -Pieces of different eras (revival, baroque, classical). -Representative pieces of folk music from various countries:

-Original pieces:

-Studies in the tonalities of scales:

Other studies and pieces are available also in individual format and in tablatures. To listen to extracts, visit the following sections: « Studies » et « Solo guitar ».

Workbook 1 guitar level 1

The pedagogic workbook « Beginner-Level 1 », is addressed to guitar teachers and all those who want to have in a single volume, the teaching aids which regroup the main subjects to learn to play the guitar. The content of this workbook was chosen according to the various programs approved in most musical teaching institutions. Roque Carbajo has notably contributed in creating the Music studies guitar program for (EPMU) École préparatoire de musique de l’UQAM and for the Conservatoire de musique de la Montérégie. Studies and pieces of the repertoire included in this workbook are also available individually and it is possible to listen audio extracts in the following sections: Solo guitar et Studies.

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