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Étude N° 1 en la mineur

Study N° 1 for begineers, is a complement to the work of the A minor scale in the harmonic mode. This study is written only in whole notes, half notes and quarter notes (without the integration of the value of eight notes).

It is also an introduction to polyphony; the melody is supported by bass on the lower 3 open strings.

• NOTE : This piece is a part of the studies included in the chapter 5 of the workbook, Beginner-level 1 .

To consult the workbooks, click here :

• NOTE :”Étude N° 1 en la mineur” is part of the collection “20 études progressives”
You can also purchase the complete collection in musical notation by clicking here. :
20 études progressives (Standard notation only

5,99$ CAD

Included in the download

  • 2 scores in format PDF (standard notation and tablature)
  • 1 MP3 file (the entire piece)


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