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The little iron horse – 3 guitars

“The little iron horse” for 3 guitars. The Canadian horse is the ancestor of all the horse races in North America. Is bound to the birth of Nouvelle-France (Today Québec). To help the Nouvelle-France, Louis XIV sends horses aboard boats, from 1665 till 1671. A lot of this horses die during the trip or during their first winter in America. Only the most resistant survive and they acclimatize to the country. This horse, quickly deserves the nickname of ” little iron horse ” for its strength. A century after their arrival to the country, we count 13 000. Two hundred years later, they are not more than hundred. The arrival of the automobile replaced horses by cars. It was the same thing in the fields where the richest farmers replaced the horse by the tractor what explains partially its progressive disappearance. Today, several agencies get organized so that this endangered race survives and becomes again alive and numerous. This piece consisted so that we know the existence of “the little iron horse”.

9,99$ CAD

Included in the download

  • 1 general score (standard notation) and 3 individual scores in format PDF (standard notation and tablature)
  • 1 MP3 (the entire piece)


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