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Los Andes for 4 guitars

Andean music has been present in my musical life since childhood. It was bequeathed to me by the Latin-American musicians whom I met in my tours around the world. The assimilation of its forms is thus not traditional since it is transmitted far from its cradle. One day, someone said: “If you move a traditional musician from his original environment, his music will not sound in the same way any more”.
The writing of this piece is ridge in gratitude to all the musicians; Bolivians, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Chileans, and others, who introduced me to this music and made me discover their way of playing.

cover :
Javier Gustavo Ayala López

10,99$ CAD

Included in the download

  • 1 general score (standard notation) and 4 individual scores in format PDF (standard notation only)
  • 1 MP3 (the entire piece)


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