5 estudios

These 5 studies were written to develop various movements of the left and the right hand.

• NOTE :It is possible to listen the audio extracts and to purchase every study individually (including the score in tabs), by clicking each of the titles:
01-Estudio 1 (For the work of arpeggios including open strings.)
02-Estudio 2 (For the simultaneous displacements of 2 fingers and regularity of their execution.)
03-Estudio 3 (Fot the repeated notes; the regularity and the flexibility of the fingers of the right hand.)
04-Estudio 4 (For the execution of the octaves on 6 strings.)
05-Estudio 5 (For the work of slurs.)

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10 scores in format PDF (standard notation and tablature)
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Suite forestare
for solo guitar
in tablature